Murano / DR-LUX Interlocutor Sofa

2-seat sectional sofa, formed by a 7/8x 1,9mm tubular structured, curved and with hard chrome finis.

Seat with hardboard core, covered by D-33 80mm-thick laminated foam, with side structures and back panel in MDF boards, covered by D-28 20mm-thick laminated foam. The entire sofa is covered by PU, with flame-resistant and waterproofing treatment.


  • 10 - White

  • 11- Eggshell

  • 12 - Clay gray

  • 13 - Crystal gray

  • 15 - Black

Border tape / Metallic structures

  • White

  • Eggshell

  • Clay gray

  • Crystal Gray

  • Metallic gray

  • Black

Wood grain

  • Italian Noce

  • Maple

  • Nogal Sevilha

  • Nogueira Boreal

  • Wengue Ravena

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